30 days of illustration / 2

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It's been so long since I last posted anything!
I have a lot of projects and ideas to do... so my mind is busy by planning and constructing strategy(it sounds so seriously haha :D), so I haven't a free time to write
here. And not because I haven't what to say, it's needed just 5 minutes to do, the problem is that English is not my native language, and it's sometimes hard to express my thoughts. Besides, I want it to be written correctly, with minimum mistakes, but they are and a lot, I know :D So, now you know the reason I write here so rare.
But I want to write here, to share with you my works, freebies, etc. and I'll try to do this.
On the beginning of November, I've started drawing "30 days of illustration - 2" digital variant. Last version I did because of the fear of "the white page", but this one I'm doing to have a base for future illustrations to sale on microstocks.
So, my return I'll start from sharing with you those illustrations.
Let's begin!

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