Day 30

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Day 30.
A finish banner.
woohooo! I totally did it! :D

As I imagined - it was difficult to find time, and most of the illustrations were drawn in last minutes of a day :) Gazing on all of them I can say that it's rather sketches than illustrations. 

It was difficult, I even calculated the days to the end :D But in the same time I'm happy that I made it - this project gave me more than I could imagine. As the result of this challenge - I lost the fear of the "white page" and I am going to buy new large notebook for the same projects, but in the new look - maybe something like "365 days of sketches", or "seasonal drawings" during 90 days...  Besides, during those 30 days many ideas for other new projects were born in my head, like the series of themed postcards and posters and so on.

So I advise you to try this experiment too! ;)
Good luck!

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