Monday, 28 March 2016

ApriLettering challenge

What about hand lettering? I did it the last time when I studied at college and academy. I'd like to refresh my memory, but always put off this. So I decided to devote the next month to lettering, calligraphy and other things related to this. Feel free to join! I'll be very glad do it together with you! Don't worry if you haven't enough time to do this every day, I think I'll skip a few days too. But just remember - this month is devoted to a lettering. tag your works #apriLettering - I'd like to look at 😉 p.s. It need not to be a perfect brush lettered quote in a result or something like this, it might be just one letter, one word - anything you have time and inspiration for! But if you'd like to have a list of quotes/tasks -just let me know and I'll prepare it for you.

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