Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

New look

I've changed design of my blog. I decided to make it simple and easy. And I like the result :)
And here is the previous look.

Monday, 8 December 2014

30 DOI/2. Day 30

Day 30.
It's not my style, but I decided to try it. And finally, I've finished those 30 days of illustrations. Thanks for watching! I'm glad you are with me)))

30 DOI/2. Day 29

Day 29.

30 DOI/2. Day 28

Day 28.
What you wore today.

30 DOI/2. Day 27

Day 27.
Your favourite season.
It's summer ♥

30 DOI/2. Day 26

Day 26.

30 DOI/2. Day 25

Day 25.

30 DOI/2. Day 24

Day 24.

30 DOI/2. Day 23

Day 23.
A secret.
I guess that it isn't more :| :D

Thursday, 4 December 2014

30 DOI/2. Day 22

Day 22.
A question.
Where is the snow? It seems that it's everywhere, but only not in my city... I'm waiting so much

30 DOI/2. Day 21

Day 21.
An animal you think is really cute.
It's dog. Maybe it's not the cutest, but it's very smart, it's faithful, loyal, with kindest heart and open soul, which is reflected in deep eyes. Especially homeless dogs. They need love, the gentle touch of your hands, the warmth in your eyes. I can't pass by without having even a small conversation with them :D
How can people not love animals? How can they hurt them?
Sometimes I even think that animals are better than humans are at all...

30 DOI/2. Day 20

Day 20.
Something you couldn't imagine yourself without.
Dreaminess. It's my solace, my refuge from the awful realities of this world, and in the same time it's my enemy...

30 DOI/2. Day 19

Day 19.
I just want to say...
Thanks to all my Instagram followers for all their likes and sweet comments! ♥

30 DOI/2. Day 18

Day 18. Buildings.

30 DOI/2. Day 17

Day 17.
Something you miss.
One of those things I miss is sea... I think my last visit there was 2 or even 3 years ago... miss. need. ♥

30 DOI/2. Day 16

Day 16.
Friendly monster

30 DOI/2. Day 15

Day 15.
Something you want. Snow snow snow...