Saturday, 7 December 2013

Old traditional Ukrainian Christmas decoration "pavuchok"(spider)

Christmas is coming, so it's time to prepare. Today I'll tell you about old traditional Ukrainian Christmas decoration called "pavuchok" (spider). It has a symbolic meaning and is a talisman, designed to keep the house as well as to ensure the welfare
of the family. I'll show you how to create main component,  by combining which you'll receive the "spider". I must notice, that feature of "pavuchok" is that it always rotates, moves, without assistance, and it look beautiful:)

So, for creating this Chrismas decoration, you need straw(preferably moist, to not  crush. You can put it in hot water for a while)thread, needle(preferably long) and scissors. 

If you haven't the straw, you can use plastic tube for drinking.

Find the same straws in width, and cut into 12 pieces of equal length.

Than, put them on a thread.

After all 12 will be on the thread, make a knot, joining the beginning of thread and area of  the thread after 4 straws, like on the picture.

The next step is the forming straws in the shape like on the picture and making the knot, joining the beginning and end of the thread.
After that, rotate about an axis opposing triangles, so in the corners thread creates "knots",

and then,  tie their tops together using  the piece of thread

Then, holding this top, turn down the another two triangles, and tie their tops too.

That's all! The main component is ready. Now, make few another,  with the same or different sizes, how you come up with. You can also put inside of this forms snow flakes or an angel. Then, combine them in one whole "pavuchok" (spider).

I found for you in the internet some examples, most of them are complicated, but very beautiful.

On the top of this post you can see my variant. You can see on that picture the angel, created using the maize leaves. How to create this angel I'll tell you next time. :)


  1. Very beautiful Yuliia! and so is your blog. I love learning about traditions of different cultures, thanks :) Wishing you a Happy Christmas and creative New Year.

    1. Thank you so much Constantina! It's pleasure to hear that you like it!
      And thank you for the greetings! :)
      Let the next year be full of happiness and joy! =)