Christmas decoration "Angel" of maize leaves(petals of cobs)

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Yesterday I told you about the Christmas decoration "pavuchok", and today I'll tell you how to create the decoration that can be the addition to it — angel of maize leaves(petals of cobs).

Needed materials: dried maize petals(for comfortable use just spray the water on it, so it becomes moist and soft), cherrystone(as a variant, I used little beans) thread, scissor.

Let's begin! Take a little piece of petal, and cherrystone(or bean). This will be a head of the angel.

Wrap that piece of the petal around the cherrystone(or bean) like it shown on the image.

Take the one petal of maize cobs, put on the centre of it wrapped cherrystone, and fold in half that petal.

Then, create corners from both sides relative to the cherrystone like on the images.

Now, take a thread(but don't tear it from the spool, it will be useful in further) and wrap-around, creating the angel's head.

So, we have the head and basis of body.

Next step - take 2 petals, fold and cut in half it.

So, you have 4 pieces, take one of and put it to the front of angel body(centre of petal must be on the neck) 

Then, fasten petal using thread.

Repeat the same with the back side of angel.

And repeat it with another 2 sides, in the result you'll have the same as on the picture.

Now angel's body become thicker.

Take a thread and wrap around the body, creating a waist for the angel.

Next we will make some decoration, for that,  take a long and thin pieces of the petal(you can color it first) and make a braid.

Take created braid, and wrap around the top of the head, and then, across the front of the body to the back, or maybe you come up with another way.

To create wings for the angel, take a piece of petal, divide for 3(or more) parts, and  twist up each part.

Put this wing to the rear of the angel, and using thread attach it.

Repeat this step with the second wing.

For decoration and to hide the thread on the waist, you can make a belt for the angel, or any other decoration you want :)

That's all! :) Hope you enjoyed! :)

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