Easter Eggs decoration — "Pysanka"

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Now, I'll tell you another way of Easter Eggs decorating. This eggs traditional called Pysanka. A pysanka is a Ukrainian Easter egg, decorated using a wax-resist (batik)
method. Some of the steps are the same with  the way "etching" I told you before in the previous post. 

Materials you need for it are: white egg, vinegar, pysachok(you can read about it, and how to create in the beginning of the previous post), wax, pencil — for drawing pattern on the egg, candle — for heating the wax, special paints for Easter Eggs or aniline paints for textile, empty jars — for vinegar and paints, piece of soft cloth or paper towel.

First steps are the same. If you want decorate the egg only as a talisman — make it empty.  If it is  for Easter  — boil eggs, and cool them. Then, draw a pattern on the egg, apply the wax on the surface of the eggs, painted lines using the pysachok. You can sketch the lines, not all at once, as there will be several colors.

If you don't understand these steps, you can look at them more detail in the previous lesson about Easter eggs.

When everything is ready and covered all needed lines, pour into an empty jar paints for Easter eggs, if you haven't them and want to use aniline paints, sprinkle a little powder or tablet (if the paint tableted) in a jar, fill with boiling water and add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar. The solution is ready. Before painting you can first immerse the eggs in vinegar for 30-40 seconds  — it  better to be painted.
Now, dip the egg in a jar, and keep it there for as long as you get the desired color. I remind you that the paint should start with a light color, for example yellow or orange.

When you get the color you want, remove the egg from the jar and gently place it on a piece of paper towel or soft cloth and wipe it lightly. But do not rub it, just a light touches. 

Then, when you dry the egg, you need to draw wax lines again. 
Dip the egg in a jar with another color, and keep it there for as long as you get the desired color again.

Repeat same steps again - dry the egg - draw wax - dip in the paint - wait - remove egg from the jar - dry.

So, you need to do this as many times as you want and as the egg become black or dark.
When you paint the egg for the last time, remove and dry it.

Now, we need to clean the egg from the wax. To do this — hold the egg to the flame of a candle, but not in the fire — it can catch fire, and not very close — may appear black soot. The distance should be such, so that the wax could melt. When you see that the wax has melted (it will shine) take a soft paper towel and gently wipe the wax, but not much delay, otherwise the wax  will again harden.
Thus wipe the wax from around the eggs using the fire and towel.

Those who used empty eggs, and place the holes with wax,  before the fire to heat the egg, remove these plugs, or egg may just explode.

That's it! Easter Egg is ready!

If you made an empty egg as a talisman, you can thread the string through the hole, and hang it in the desired place.
Or if for Easter — to make eggs looked rich and shining, you can wipe them with a slightly oil.

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