Monday, 22 April 2013

Easter Eggs decoration — "Etching"

First of all I want to congratulate with Easter those who have it already.
In my country it will be in few weeks, so I begin prepare for it now. And I decided to share with you some ways to decorate Easter eggs. 

For creating a beautiful Easter Eggs with patterns you need special traditional tool called pysachok. So, I find a lesson how to create a pysachok.
I create it using a piece of a copper plate, copper wire, wooden stick and a soldering iron. It is important to use copper because it keeps the heat required to less rapidly cooled wax. What are the necessary materials, and how to make it, you can see here, also at the end of the article is a video, even it is enough to understand the principle of performance.

However, there are other ways for making pysachok with more affordable materials. For example, here is a way of making pysachok using  iron mechanical pencil tips. Why the pencil? Because it has more slim hole than pen. Or here is another way - making pysachok using  Medical steel needle(for injection).
Even if you do not understand the Russian language to read, pictures will be enough to understand how to do it. Eventually you get a cone, with a narrow aperture below and a large hole in the top order to put the pieces back wax.
If making of pysachok is difficult for you, you can buy it, in art salon, or even online.

So, now I begin to tell you the first way of decorating Easter Eggs. It calls "etching"("travlenky" in Ukrainian). 

Materials you need for it are: brown egg, vinegar — for etching patterns, pysachok — for creating a pattern, wax(but not paraffin — vinegar destroy it), pencil — for drawing pattern on the egg, candle — for heating the wax, empty jar — for vinegar, piece of soft cloth or paper towel.

Easter egg from ancient times served as a talisman, so if you want to make it as a decoration for the house and talisman you need to make egg empty. To do this you would need round needle file, or if you do not have it — a needle or awl. Clean the egg in warm water but without any cleaning detergent. Dry it using a piece of soft cloth or paper towel. But do not rub it, just a light touches. 
Then, take a round needle file, and put it to the bottom center of the egg, push to break through it, and rub in a circular motion hole. Repeat the same with the top center of this egg, at the same time cover already done hole of the egg with your finger,  to egg did not start to flow. 

When the holes are ready, take the bowl and leaning over it start blowing through one of the holes of the egg.

At first it may be difficult, you may need to do a little more hole. When the egg is empty, put in a little water and rinse it inside. Dry the egg.

If it will be for Easter - boil eggs, and cool them.

Now you need to draw a pattern on the egg. Draw everything you want. But if you want it for talisman find a special symbols and what they are meaning.

When the pattern is ready, light the candle and put pysachok. Detach a piece of wax and put it in the pysachok. 

Bring it to the fire. 

When the wax is melted, spend first line on the paper to see the thickness of the line. The faster you will draw the line so it will be thinner.  For this method, we need thicker line, because  vinegar can destroy  thin. 
Then start to apply the wax on the surface of the eggs, painted lines. You can sketch the lines, not all at once, as there will be several shades.

When everything is ready and covered all needed lines, pour into an empty jar of vinegar, so much to cover the egg. Then dip the egg in vinegar. If you used empty egg before you dip, cover the holes on both sides of pieces of wax. By placing an egg in the vinegar press down a small weight, so as not to pop up. I used a little jar.

After 3-5 minutes remove the egg from the vinegar and gently place it on a piece of paper towel or soft cloth and wipe it lightly. You will see that the color of the eggs has changed, and the top layer is erased.

It is important not to overdo it with vinegar so it does not become too white. Conversely, not  remove too early, to the color difference was visible. Over time you will learn how to adjust the time.

Then, when you clean the egg, and dry it, you need to draw wax lines again.

Then dip the egg in vinegar. And after 5 minutes remove it and clean. 
So, you need to do this as many times as you want and as the egg become snowy white.

Then heat the water to boiling, take a bowl, place the egg and start watering it carefully, you will see that the wax is washed off. Carefully remove the egg and  wipe it from the water. If you use an empty egg, before diving into a bowl, clean the wax from the holes.

That`s all! 

If you made an empty egg as a talisman, you can thread the string through the hole, and hang it in the desired place.

p.s. Now I prepare for you second way of eggs decoration with using special paint for Easter eggs or the usual aniline dyes for fabrics.

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